The Applegate Group Inc. represents top actors, cinematographers, editors, writers and producers. Executive producer Jane Applegate has written and produced award-winning independent films and TV programs as well as marketing videos for clients including: Microsoft, Verizon, Cox Communications and Bloomberg Television.

We also provide affordable production consulting provided by top-notch producers of narrative and documentary programs. A few hours with one of our experts can save you time, money and reduce stress. Our production consultants are working producers who have produced everything from Broadway shows to independent films, television shows and web series. 

Current projects produced by The Applegate Group: 

  • Caribbean Girl NYC is a 'dramedy' about four island girls seeking success and romance in New York City. Written and directed by Mariette Monpierre, CGNYC will be broadcast by Flow, a cable network serving the English-speaking Caribbean islands and France O, serving France and the French-speaking Caribbean islands. The show, co-produced by Caribbean Tales International in Toronto, will debut in September. Watch a clip produced and directed by Margaux Dupont of Vlam! Productions below:

The Applegate Group produced To Keep the Light, written and directed by Erica Fae. The film has won several best feature and best cinematography awards at film festivals around the world. Info: www.tokeepthelight.com Watch the trailer below:


  • Jane Applegate served as consulting producer on The Hanji Box, a short film about an American woman who adopts a daughter from Korea, written and directed by Nora Jacobson. The film, which screened at the Maine International Film Festival in 2016, is available for sale on Amazon Prime. www.thehanjiboxmovie.com
  •  Jane Applegate served as production supervisor on Beauty Mark, a film by Harris Doran. The film debuted at the L.A. Film Festival on June 16, 2017. Auden Thornton, the leading actress, won the "Best Break-Out Actress" award. The film also won the Ultra Indie award at the Woodstock Film Festival in October, 2017. The award goes to the best film produced for under $200,000.

“The Applegate Group provides practical, affordable production consulting for big and small projects.”