Jane Applegate: Executive Producer


Jane Applegate is an award-winning writer and producer. For more than 20 years, she has created original web and video content for clients including: Bloomberg LP, CNN, NBC, American Express, Microsoft, Verizon Wireless, Pitney Bowes and Sprint. 

An experienced film and television producer, Applegate's produced To Keep the Light, a historical drama about a female lighthouse keeper set in 1876 and shot on an island off the coast of Jonesport, Maine. The film, written and directed by Erica Fae, features Antti Reini, one of Scandinavia's top actors. The film has won numerous festival awards, including best narrative and best cinematography honors.

In 2015-2016, Applegate produced three short films, a feature film and a TV series pilot: Icarus Stops for Breakfast, written by Holli Harms and directed by Abigail Z. Bess, The Hanji Box, written and directed by Nora Jacobson and Unfinished, written and directed by J.P. Pacca. Applegate worked as a production supervisor on Beauty Mark, a feature film by Harris Doran. 

She's currently producing and co-writing, Caribbean Girl NYC, a TV pilot about four sassy island girls trying to make it big in New York City. Caribbean Girls will be directed by Mariette Monpierre. Applegate and her production partners are also developing new TV programs for the Food Network.

Applegate produced a short documentary, Much Ado in Mostar, about a theater program for Bosnia teenagers affected by war. The film won five film festival awards. She served as line producer on Brief Reunion, which debuted at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and won the Audience Choice award at the Gotham Screen Film Festival in New York City. 

She is also one of America’s most respected small business management experts. A former columnist for the Los Angeles Times, she is the author of four books about entrepreneurial success, including the best-selling 201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business, published by Bloomberg/Wiley. 

Applegate is an active member of New York Women in Film and Television and the Producers Guild of America, East Coast chapter. 


Samantha Knowles is an award-winning Brooklyn-based filmmaker. In addition to working as an associate producer on various feature length narrative and documentary films, she has also directed and produced numerous short documentaries and videos. Her most recent film, a short documentary titled, "Why Do You Have Black Dolls?" won a Spirit Award at the Reel Sisters Film Festival, earned a NY City Council Citations, won the Audience Choice Award at the Women, Action, & the Media (WAM) Film Festival, and has been featured in numerous publications including the NY Daily News, Jet Magazine, the Huffington Post, the Grio, and BET.com. She graduated cum laude from Dartmouth with a B.A. in Film Studies and Psychology and currently freelances as a producer in New York City. 

JOe Keeney: Aerial DP


Joe Keeney is an aerial media director dedicated to producing high quality videos and still photography utilizing radio controlled aircraft and image stabilization equipment. These highly maneuverable advanced remote controlled aircraft are also known as Multirotor Copters or Drones. These aircraft are light weight, quiet, battery powered and inexpensive to operate. They fly like a helicopter with vertical flight, with four, six or eight electric motors. This flying platform is a new way of creating aerial media that is cutting edge and catching on fast.

The angles we can achieve and places we can fly these aircraft  captivate and amaze! Video production will never be the same. Through the use of our compact unmanned aerial platforms and our steady cams we are able to go from ground level up to and no higher than 400 feet with forward speeds of 30+mph. The cameras used shoot up to 4K UHD 24-30 fps video and up to 16 mp photographs. This allows us to capture angles that are nearly impossible with manned aircraft!  We also have the ability to utilize fixed wing aircraft for photography and video as well, both the manned aircraft and the unmanned aircraft are piloted by a Licensed FAA Commercial Pilot.

The aircrafts are equipped with GPS, so it has the ability to hold altitude, longitude and latitude and can compensate for wind while holding in a fixed position as well as in flight.  The Camera mounts to a gimbal. Which uses a computer, motion sensors (accelerometers) and rotation sensors (gyroscopes) to continuously calculate the position, orientation, and velocity(direction and speed of movement) keeping the camera perfectly still. The camera on the aircraft or the steady cam can either be operated by a DP (Camera Man) with a separate control or by the pilot. The system sends a live video feed to a monitor so the pilot and or the DP has a first person view of what the camera is capturing.

Marketa Fantova: Set/Stage/Lighting/production design


Markéta Fantová is an educator, scenic, lighting and costume designer for theatre, dance, and performance art. She has worked in theaters, galleries and visually inspiring sites in both the United States and Europe. Her costume and set designs were included in the USITT-USA PQ National Exhibit (2007) and World Stage Design Exhibit in Seoul, South Korea (2009).

In New York, she was set and lighting designer for the Off-Broadway world premier of Tiny Bubbles, with New Directions Theatre (2012). She has designed for UnderMain Theatre, Circle Theatre, Kitchen Dog Theatre and Water Tower Theatre, all in Dallas-Forth Worth. Ms. Fantova was a guest artist at The Ohio State University, University of Toledo, Texas State University and Baylor University. She has worked in collaboration with dynamic artists and choreographers on numerous performance projects and dance works including Angier Performance WorksPaper III, a site specific performance art piece performed in Prague, Czech Republic; costumes for the performance installation Liminal exhibited in The Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, NY; and site adaptive installation performance pieces Waiting III and IV in the Random Room Gallery, Alfred, NY and Gem Hotel Gallery in New York City. Her current projects include Letter to the World series co-created with D. Chase Angier and Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge.

A native of Prague, Czech Republic, Ms. Fantova began her career there as a scenographer for Theatre 22. She holds an M.F.A. in theatre design from Wayne State University and currently serves on the Board of USITT as Vice-President for International Activities and as Artistic Director for USITT-USA 2015.

Traci Long: Marketing Strategist

Traci is an innovative, dynamic and seasoned professional with a proven talent for building high profile organizations by identifying and integrating successful revenue models. Traci has a proven track record of success in launching new businesses and directing operations for successful businesses throughout North America. Traci successfully led the growth of Southern Broadcasting Companies, Inc., a broadcasting cluster of radio stations, taking it of radio stations, taking it from 1.2 million dollars to over 10 million dollars in revenues and positioned it for a later exit of 60 million dollars. She has since developed successful revenue generating business models, joint venture collaborations and partnership opportunities which have consistently enhanced competitive marketing positioning, won favorable media and community recognition and supported substantial revenue growth. Traci facilitates workshops and seminars in cities all across the country including Stanford University, has been featured on CNN and is a Member of the National Speakers Association. 

Jendra Jarnagin: Director of Photography

Award-winning Director of Photography Jendra Jarnegin is best known for her vast digital cinema expertise and is an in-demand panelist, speaker and instructor all over the work. With over 20 years of professional shooting, Jendra is also experiences in Stereoscopic 3D, extensive Visual Effects, and all film formats including Vista Vision. 

Jendra has shot dozens of projects including episodic TV and web series, commercials, music videos and feature films, including A Bet's A Bet starring Mena Suvari, Eric Roberts and Kristen Chenoweth, and Molly's Theory of Relativity, directed by Jeff Lipsky. Other notable credits include the Webby Award winning series Puppy Love, from the writers and producers of Sex & the City, and In Between Men, to 25 countries, primarily shooting documentaries. She is based in NY and LA and her work can be seen at www.floatingcamera.com